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Stop exhausting

And give wings to your supply chain process

And check your companies improvement potential!

The scourge of operational micromanagement

Be honest.

As an operations manager, are you guilty of micromanagement? Do you have to intervene too often in process problems that shouldn’t be yours?

You probably do.

Even though you know how dispiriting it is.
And how demotivating it is for your frontline staff.

You feel like you have no other choice, because:

  1. In the operational process, the real bottlenecks remain invisible. You fight the symptoms, while the disease continues to spread.

  2. There is too little power on the shop floor to solve problems when they arise.

  3. Without your constant supervision, the performance of basic tasks is weaker.


Recognise this situation?

Then we have good news: OptimEyes frees you from exhausting micromanagement in your operational processes.


Blazing fire leads to financial crisis

There are three situations where smouldering operational problems lead to a raging fire that can bring your company to its knees:

  1. Operational excellence remains a pipe dream
    “Yes, we believe in process efficiency. Yes, we invest time and money in it. And yet, we keep having to put out fires.”

  2. Inter-departmental operations are disjointed
    “How did we end up in this situation? We talk at cross purposes and point fingers at each other.”

  3. Large digital implementations disrupt the operational chain“ We implemented a CRM, ERP or WMS package. But it’s taken on a life of its own. Our employees don’t know what is expected of them.”


Managing symptoms doesn’t cure the disease

The typical reaction when a company feels threatened?


Followed by … more of the same:

  1. Extra frontline staff

  2. Extra project or management staff

  3. Extra external consultants


Why react this way? Because the company lacks end-to-end solutions.

That's why OptimEyes takes a different approach.

  • We don’t just offer you ‘more of the same’.

  • We don’t impose more staff on you.

No: we give your existing employees software that aligns with the way they work. So your operational chain excels, with minimal intervention by managers.

Optimeyes | Slide classical management-more-of-the-same.png

OptimEyes is your operational lever

Archimedes—yes, he of the ‘Eureka!’ moment—said it best: “Give me a lever long enough, and I'll move the world.”

OptimEyes offers you the leverage to lift your business. A lever that gives you sustained operational results through the combination of:

  • our unique vision of operational processes, with

  • our one-of-a-kind software tool.


Together, they create greater leverage without extra hands.
The result? ROI—finally.


Our 3-in-1 solution ensures your execution excellence:

  1. Bottlenecks come to the surface. How? Through solution-oriented BI reports that tackle the underlying problems. And thus the symptoms too.

  2. More problems are solved on the work floor. How? With consistent improvement templates, shared with you.

  3. Your frontline staff perform their tasks consistently. How? With resilient execution software that enables them to escalate every unsolved problem with its context.

Schermafbeelding 2022-09-23 om 08.10_edited.png
Optimeyes | Slide modern management

Achieve lasting results with all-in execution software

Why is OptimEyes the only solution that can pull you out of the micromanagement trap for good?

Because we are the only ones to combine the three factors needed for this in one software solution. It takes away any need for micromanagement.

So you don’t walk away, saying “I can’t keep this up!” Because it’s too tiring, or too expensive, or because you can’t keep up with the data.

On the contrary.
You’re back in control. So you too excel with your vision and your decisiveness.

Optimeyes | Result model

I challenge you

As the founder and managing director of OptimEyes, I have this challenge for you:

1.         Find another company that guarantees lasting operational results.

2.         Let that company explain how it ensures consistent execution of operational tasks.

3.         Invite us—on 0477 94 15 19—to test their solution against ours.

I already know the results…


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Recognise yourself and your business among these case studies:

Case studies

1. Operational excellence issues

  • Bottlenecks in our operational chain just don't get solved.

  • The incidence of human error in the process is too high.

  • Process adaptation remains low due to lack of consistency, and hence employee discipline.

  • Time-consuming spot checks by team leaders and managers lead to micromanagement.

2. Mega-process adaptation in case of system change, digitalisation or organisational change

  • ERP implementation shakes up our operational processes and transactions.

  • New digital packages require consistency of master data.

3. Cross-departmental tensions due to substandard horizontal coordination

  • One department's errors weigh too heavily on the others.

  • Errors or anomalies are not detected and/or communicated quickly.

  • Departments involved in the operational process don’t communicate well with each other.