OptimEyes- The Story



Looking back on my career, I identified a clear pattern of Strategy, Change, Efficiency, Technology and Continuous Improvement.

OptimEyes is my answer to stand up against the unintended ineffectiveness of many strategies to improve businesses. 

The change-puzzle is very complex, and my challenges from the past learned that you need ALL the pieces of the puzzle.

I'm proud that I found partners, a human methodology and software that can help organisations in making and sustaining this puzzle. 

Filip Beyers, Founder of OptimEyes

OptimEyes is mixing
Facts and Human eXperience
in one approach

Manage and develop your teams IN THE ACTION.

  • Clarity for all employees

  • Transparency on the real progress

  • Focus on the results

OptimEyes approach 

The methodology starts from your ambition, transition or business problem

in one of the 3 development areas

Our method, experts and platform will advice & guide you on how to approach your challenge.

We always combine one or more of the

7 Systematic management processes

With our 6 principles as guide, we design, implement and improve your business challenge.













Our Team and Engagement Partners
Filip Beyers, Founder
Teun Jochems,

Passionate by nature, compassionate by nurture.

Filip's fact based and colorfull approach opens the eyes of those who need to change to reach goals. Sharp fact based approach with respect to the existing culture but with the eyes on the future.

Solving problems is about creating solutions

Teun always had great interest for creating, connecting and automating. Why do things exactly the same way twice if you can create a system to automate it? Simplify life to save more time and energy to reach your goals.

OptimEyes your Transformation
Joris Walraet, Change Leader

Change & Transformation from the Human Perspective

Joris believes in the power of the people.

Change needs to be prepared (leadership) and the real change happens through different human behavior(s).

Its’s not only about the hard fact results, but also about the soft skills acceptance and guidance.

Esther Schuurmans, Lean expert

Driving full potential of the workforce

Esther believes that the people in de organization are the key to success of the organization. Continuous improvement is her passion.  It is her mission to encourage and motivate people to deliver more added value for the customer and eliminate waste every day.

Esther is a very enthusiastic and skilled consultant, trainer and coach in lean management. Always keeping an eye on the results but never letting the human aspect out of her sight as well.

OptimEyes your Operational Excellence
Ben Van Doormaal, Production & logistics manager
Geert Lambrechts, Lean Expert

Born and raised in production

Ben's talent to connect with operators makes him a natural production change leader. With his "just do it" mentality, he drives the continuous progress.

Clear processes by motivated people

Geert is a strong believer in continuous improvement to create sustainable efficiency.

With his pragmatic approach, he easily connects with all levels and makes change working bottom up.

OptimEyes your Collaboration and teams
Ingrid Larik, Collaboration Expert
Anne Bogaerts, Sales & Admin Expert

Engage to collaborate

Ingrid’s heart beats when people and organizations need to collaborate. She seamlessly integrates personal development and stakeholder dialogue in the right organizational design. Structure follows strategy.

Engages people in their daily job

Anne’s passion is to get the best out of teams. She believes that every problem is an opportunity to improve. By creating ownership and trust, she easily identifies conflicts and stress. 

OptimEyes your Safety Culture
Jozef Van Ballaer, Safety Executive

Challenging the classic ‘top/down’ ideology in safety

While engaging people in changing safety culture, Jozef’s gentle approach triggers teams to find out "What’s-In-It-For-Me". To go the extra mile, Jozef creates Safety awareness by working "Inside-out". 

OptimEyes your Innovation
Robin Lefebvre, Innovation & Leadership

Grow your people to excel

Focusing on the leadership skills of R&D departments, Robin fuels and boosts the innovation engine of organisations.

OptimEyes your Programs & Projects
Steven Deneir, Project Management expert

Managing Projects is all about managing people

Steven enthusiastic approach drives projects and people in the right direction. Continuously engaging project members in the "WHY" and the context of the project.

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